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Danbury Catholic School is an Iowa Accredited Non-Public School System that serves all denominations. We serve communities beyond the borders of Danbury, IA; we are currently serving the communities and school districts of: Anthon, Battle Creek, Correctionville, Holstein, Ida Grove and Mapleton. We have bussing available for most areas. If you have questions, please feel free to telephone the school and ask for Lead Teacher, Amy Seuntjens or Principal, Kristy Liechti.


Danbury Catholic School is dedicated to mirroring the mission of Catholic parents; namely to teach our children to integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ in all that we do. Our students will be taught how to be productive, responsible citizens and to set a Christian example. Each student will learn that every person, including themselves, is precious in the sight of God and, therefore, deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. They will learn that each person has different gifts and talents, learns at different rates and in different ways and that everyone has the obligation to become the best that they can be.


Happiness is not found in things, possessions, even in successes, but rather in developing right relationships with family, friends and those with whom we work and associate. In the Beatitudes, Jesus sums up the basic principles of life in the kingdom of God. They also tell us how to respond to problems of poverty, injustice, and oppression. As we move into the new millennium, the following interpretation of the Beatitudes is offered as a guide to the students who graduate from Danbury Catholic.

Happy are the poor in spirit. The reign of God is theirs.

Students at Danbury Catholic know they need God in their lives. Students grow closer to God through various forms of prayer. They come to know that God is more important than anything else in life. Students will have skills, habits, and traits of character for leading healthy lives as contributing members of the community.

Happy are the sorrowing. They will be comforted.

Students at Danbury Catholic are aware of people who are suffering in the school, community, church and world. As responsible Christians and responsible citizens, students will show respect toward self and others and for global and cultural diversity by reaching out to anyone who needs to be comforted.

Happy are the gentle. They will receive all that God has promised.

Students at Danbury Catholic care about others as children of God. They are all loved by God and in turn love one another. They recognize that all their gifts and talents come from God. These gifts are shared with kindness and patience to serve God and others by being productive workers, showing initiative, and responsibility and producing quality work in a timely manner.

Happy are those who hunger and thirst for justice. They will be satisfied.

Students at Danbury Catholic respect others by treating each other fairly. God treats everyone with justice and equality. Students will use information, resources, and reasoning to become problem solvers and make decisions in a changing world, treating others in the same way and sharing their possessions with those in need.

Happy are those who show mercy to others. They will receive mercy.

Students at Danbury Catholic care about others who are hurting. They learn that through the sacraments, Jesus is present in them and is ready to forgive them when they turn away from sin. They use their leadership and social skills to accept others and have compassion for them.

Happy are the single-hearted. They will see God.

Students at Danbury Catholic keep God first in their lives. They learn that when temptations to sin occur in their daily lives, they will be able to resist because of their love for God and neighbors. By showing responsibility for their own actions and setting and evaluating their goals, students practice important life skills.

Happy are the peacemakers. They will be called children of God.

Students at Danbury Catholic are working for peace in any situation. They try to look for opportunities to bring God’s peace in the midst of conflict. In order to be resourceful thinkers, they will use their ability to apply content knowledge, learn constructive ways to resolve conflict and settle arguments and disputes.

Happy are those who are treated unfairly for doing what is right. The reign of God is theirs.

Students at Danbury Catholic are responsible for defending others who are mistreated. They have learned how to include everyone in what they are doing. They stand up for their beliefs even if they are made fun of or criticized. In turn they build the Kingdom of God.

Just as Christ used the beatitudes to set the standards for discernment in the use of earthly goods in keeping with the law of God, we have used the beatitudes as our basis to set the student learning goals and standards for graduates of Danbury Catholic.

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