Online Registration

Online Registration

This is for NEW family registration only

Current families, please register through JMC

This must be filled out for each student in a family

Danbury Catholic School and families that are registering students agree that the electronic signatures, whether digital or encrypted, of the parties included on these documents are intended to authenticate these writings and to have the same force and effect as manual signatures.


Student - General Information

Student Name (F,L):      Gender:  Male   Female 

Date of Birth:       City/State of Birth:  

Religion:       Baptism Date:       SSN (Optional):  

Baptismal Church / City:  

Primary Language:       Ethnicity:  

Grade Student is going into: Preschool - 3 yr old  Preschool - 4 yr old Kindergarten  1st Grade 

2nd Grade  3rd Grade 4th Grade  5th Grade  6th Grade


Student - Health Information

Are there any health concerns we should be aware of for this child:  If so, please let us know what they are:

Will your child be receiving prescription medications during the school day:  Yes  No 
If you answered yes above, please list the prescription medications that your child will receive during school hours:


Student - Medical Contacts

Family Physician:        Phone Number:  

Family Eye Doctor:        Phone Number:  

Family Dentist:        Phone Number:  

Hospital/Clinic Preference:        Phone Number:  

Insurance Company:        Policy Number:  


Student - Registration Forms

All registration forms are found on this website at You will find the PDF version of the files listed below. These forms are single student only; the will ask for the names of all students or just a single student.  Please use the "fill and sign" option in Adobe Reader (or other PDF reader) for each of the forms that will need to be filled out.  Should you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to call the office at 712-883-2244.

The following three forms do not need to be filled out as the information on the rest of this online registration will take the place of those three forms (the only link to any of the forms below is the URL link above):

Registration and Medical Form
Transportation Information
Service Acts Sheet

The following forms are for Preschool Students only:

Preschool Information Sheet
Home Language Survey
Race and Ethnicity Sheet

The following forms are for Kindergarten Students only:

Kindergarten Tell Me About Yourself Form

The following forms are for All Students (these forms have Opt-out possibilities, contact the office directly for those options):

Media Release Consent Form
Network User Agreement

Once you have all of the pages that are for your student completed, please email them to [email protected] and [email protected] Again, if you have any questions regarding this portion of registration, please contact the office at 712-883-2244.

There are additional forms that you will find at the URL listed above, they are informational only.  Please print them off and keep them for your files should you wish to do so. Those forms are:

Supply Lists for Classrooms


Family - General Information

Father's Information                         Mother's Information

Father/Step-Father/Guardian Name (F,L)          Mother/Step-Mother/Guardian Name (F,L)

Father's Cell          Father's Work Number     Mother's Cell         Mother's Work Number

Father's Work Place                          Mother's Work Place

Father's E-mail                              Mother's E-Mail



Home Phone: 

How did you find out about Danbury Catholic School?:  


Family - Transportation Contacts

My child will get to school and back home by:  

Please List the Name & Phone Number of those people that have your permission to pick-up your child without contacting you beforehand or without you calling the school in advance.

Contact 1 Name (F,L):        Phone Number: 

Contact 2 Name (F,L):        Phone Number:  

Contact 3 Name (F,L):        Phone Number:  

Contact 4 Name (F,L):        Phone Number:  

Contact 5 Name (F,L):        Phone Number:  

Contact 6 Name (F,L):        Phone Number:  

  1. If your child needs to go home another way, WE MUST be notified in some way.  For instance, a note or phone call to the office and teacher.
  1. Your child(ren) will be sent home the usual way unless we have parent confirmation of something different.



Family - Service Possibilities - (If COVID restrictions have been lifted)

As Catholic’s and Christians it is our belief that being of service to those around us is an important part of who we are.  Here at Danbury Catholic, we believe in service to our Church, our Community and our Family.  With that being said, we have put together a list of possible service areas that occur during the school year at Danbury Catholic (our school community and our school family).  It is our request that each family sign-up for a minimum of two (2) service possibilities sometime throughout the school year.  Thank you for continuing to be the primary role model and educator of your student.  We appreciate all you do to assist us.

Service Possibities at Danbury Catholic:    choose as many options as you would like


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